We are Visionary

The British School of Leadership and Management stems from Glasgow Caledonian University’s longstanding commitment to education in responsible business leadership and management since 1875.

From the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health which aims to transform the lives of the poorest through pioneering research, examining the relationship between the social business and health improvement; to our membership within Business in the Community (BITC) where we lead relevant research and share findings with policy-makers and business leaders, the British School of Leadership and Management aims to expand our roots on a global level.

Our vision is to develop a new generation of conscious leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs through an education industry relevant expertise.

We are Practice-Oriented

We work closely with the industry to ensure that our programmes are always relevant. As a result, we have built up an strong list of Honorary Professors who bring an invaluable wealth of knowledge and experience to the School’s programmes:

We Thrive on Ideas

Our staff come from all over the world and are leaders in their fields. Not only will you gain knowledge from their latest research, you’ll also be able to access their strong professional networks; paving the way for your career ahead.