MSc International Management and Business Development

Developed in response to the growth of globalisation

MSc International Management and Business Development

The world is more interconnected than ever, and successful managers must understand how to operate in an international organisational environment.

In the MSc International Management and Business Development, you will build on your theoretical knowledge, solidify your practical skills and broaden your understanding of business and culture across the globe. You will:

  • Learn the strategies, policies and practices of responsible business development for new or existing businesses
  • Gain insight into best practices for managing and inspiring employees and colleagues
  • Master the processes of sustainable business performance
  • Explore the values, etiquette and business environments of other cultures
  • Develop competence in change management and entrepreneurship


At the British School of Leadership and Management, we’re committed to producing graduates and professionals who can make a positive impact. Through ethical business leadership, cross-cultural respect and meaningful entrepreneurship, you can contribute to the common good – and also find a fulfilling and rewarding career. The MSc International Management and Business Development isn’t just a professional credential; it’s an experience that offers a new way of seeing the world.

Your Career

With business development skills from franchising and internationalising to launching new start-ups, graduates of the MSc International Management and Business Development are positioned for successful employment in many industries. Graduates find roles in process management, people management and business development.

What will you study

Strategic Planning and Finance for Managers

The module explores the management of international strategy and finance. Becoming familiar with key concepts and how to formulate strategy students consider how firms design and implement strategies at international level. Emphasis will also be laid on the different types of strategic choices international organizations have when thinking of doing business globally and the risks associated in doing so. The module will particularly focus on financial management and planning to help students understand and address financial issues when conducting businesses internationally.

Leadership and People Management

Examining the role of leadership in the context of people management and how this relationship is important to contemporary organizations that have to manage ever-changing business contexts. Particular focus will be on leadership role in HR context, managing talent and developing employer brands thus enhancing employee engagement levels through upholding the psychological contract and repairing trust in employment relationships.

Managing Change

Develops a critical appreciation of organisational change and the implications for devising, implementing and overseeing change. The module considers multiple perspectives of change ranging from the traditional to emerging alternatives including forms of, and approaches to, change. This provides an appropriate platform to explore key related issues such as organisation culture, power and stakeholder implications, alternative organisational design options, and human reactions to change. The module focuses on change as an international and intercultural phenomenon that crosses national cultures and facilitates dynamic capability building.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Enhances your knowledge and decision-making abilities needed to develop businesses in new and innovative ways. The module builds an appreciation of the need for an entrepreneurial mind-set across different contexts including commercial enterprises, family-owned businesses, social enterprises and public social partnerships operating at national and international levels. Students get to pitch innovation ideas in crowd-funding style videos before developing their own business plans.

Digital Marketing, Analytics and Storytelling with Data

In today’s shifting digital landscape, international brands must evolve to meet the needs of their modern digital savvy customer. This module will help students grasp the fundamentals of digital and social media marketing to engage with their customers, reach new audiences and create exceptional digital content. As part of the module, students will contribute to the local marketing team’s digital marketing efforts through planning and execution of micro campaigns. Understanding the data from such campaigns and ability to present compelling ROI narratives through storytelling with data is vital for marketing teams.

International Management, Governance and Sustainability

In an increasingly global and digitalised world, businesses must rethink traditional marketing concepts and strive to implement more comprehensive and responsible approaches of marketing. Students explore the interaction between different elements of the marketing mix and the wider contexts is essential to effective and responsible marketing. Underpinned by the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRiME) students consider implications for international marketing practice and its sustainability for the future.

Career Planning and Professional Development

Enables students to identify and develop their key personal abilities in the context of their future career aspirations. Students will be given the opportunity to undertake an work experience, volunteer, study abroad or take part in desk based consultancy. Students will be invited to apply the concepts of personal and professional development to what they are experiencing outside the classroom in order to be better prepared for their personal and professional life.

Introduction to Research Methods

Introduces students to research approaches, time and project management skills essential for their research project and similar tasks in the future. The module provides essential knowledge of research design across key areas and adopts a critical perspective in comparing and contrasting alternative research models.

Research Project

The final element of the programme is an in-depth research study, which provides students with an opportunity to design and undertake a piece of original research in a relevant area of marketing which could become the starting point of your career in international marketing. The project can take the form of an Applied Research Project , an Inquiry Project or a Consultancy Project. The Applied Research project involves collection of either primary and/or secondary data. The Inquiry Project is secondary data based exploring an aspect of a global trend, associated literature and an assessment of its implications for local practice. The Consultancy project is normally primary data based and requires the student to adopt the role of a consultant with a relevant organisation.

“All our teaching and support staff have international, research and business experience to support you on your path.”

Dr Dane Lukic (Module Leader)

Entry requirements

Candidates are required to have a UK Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, at grade 2.2 or above.

However, each application to GCU is considered on an individual basis. If applicants do not have the typical academic entry qualifications, but can demonstrate relevant work experience and/or credits from recognised professional bodies, they may be eligible to enter this programme via the University’s Recognition of Prior Learning policy.

Students whose first language is not English will need IELTS with an overall score of 6.0 (with no element less than 5.5).


Home (including Scotland): £8700 | International (including EU): £13500

Home (including Scotland): £8700 | International (including EU): £13500

Part-time and distance-learning tuition fees

For details of part-time and distance-learning fee rates, please make an enquiry today.

Fees are subject to change and published here for guidance only.


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“I was attracted to GCU London by its reputation and research excellence. I found that the well-experienced professors guide and encourage students to think independently and critically.”

Amy Zheng (MSc International Management and Business Development)

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