How to Fix Bad System Config Info Error in Windows 10 and Windows 11

How to Fix Bad System Config Info Error in Windows 10 and Windows 11

That’s all you need to know about Windows 11 error logs. From now on, identifying the underlying cause and troubleshooting both trivial and intricate errors should not be 0x80070002 a problem anymore. Creating a log file is simple, and so is maintaining it. Say, you want to record the progress for a book that you are reading, just create a log file, and enter the number of pages you read each day, or as you may please.

What’s fascinating, to me, is that neither system automates it. For instance, in Windows, why not have the system run this check after every cumulative or major update? And if it doesn’t like what it sees, it runs the DISM itself? My experience has been that more than once a year the SFC finds something and every once in a while it needs the DISM to fix it. Turning this into a silly app or the system doing it by itself strikes me as fairly obvious.

  • As far as i know check disk is use to check the status of Hard-disk and lists and corrects errors on the disk.
  • For that reason, follow the step-wise instructions given.
  • If not, look around for a file with the app’s name—it may end with “.exe.”

So, here are a few steps that will help you in repair in clean boot mode. Some users may want to understand why the “file or directory is corrupted and unreadable” error occurs. Having an unreliable memory will cause a lot of problems.

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The steps are mentioned below, perform them carefully. When considering whether to use chkdsk F or R, there are a few things to consider. The first is what file system you’re using- if it’s NTFS, then you should use chkdsk R.

Fix 5 Rebuild BCD to Fix Error Code 0x0000003B

If you consistently find it hovering close to 100%, you need to identify the disk usage issue and fix it. Here are some common errors that may occur when running a CHKDSK scan. When a CHKDSK scan is scheduled to run the next time you boot up your PC, it will run automatically. On an older or slower machine, this could increase your boot time significantly. But you can always schedule your CHKDSK scan to run later if you’d prefer to wait. Running CHKDSK may not directly speed up your PC, but it can free up space — which often has the same effect.